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Watch Out, We're Mad!

You know them and you love them. Over 20 years they produced togethermore than 20 action movies.

Right ! We are talking about the great duo Bud Spencer and Terence Hill.

You know them in movies like “I am Trinity, “Double Trouble”, “Ace High”and “watch Out, We’re Mad!”. Both are known for their impact strengh. Together they kick badass people back under their stones.

As you may know one of this legendary Brothers Bud Spencer died lately .R.I.P.

Luckily we can say that he joined the heaven to join our friendly Dark Keepers Team to fight against the dark (while Terence joined the dark side of Rising Cubers ).

Give a warm welcome to the new legendary Bro in our family BudSpencer and his impact strengh!.

Happy repartee at our Side Bro!


The Dark Keepers

Logo contest , the birthday aftermath

As you've might have noticed the DK clan did not yet have any event for it's 4th anniversary, mostly due to time lack of our core members.

Anyhow we'd love to do a contest this year as well, even though if it's past our birthday.

So, what are we doing this year? A logo contest!

For the first time ever in the sauer community we'll reach out for creative art contributions, setting the stage for 2 different logos

  • a new Cube 2 logo
  • a DarkKeepers logo

The rules are fairly simple:

  • The due date is 23th of November, 2016 (so actually 2 months after the birthday)
  • You may submit your image in different resolutions (1024x512 for badges, 64x64 for icons)
    • Submission is either via IRC or mail to fohlen at darkkeepers.dk
  • The following restrictions are set:
    • The image should illustrate it's about Sauerbraten (people from the community shall recognise it)
    • You may include any reference to sauer history as long as it can be found on Google fairly easy (on page 1)
    • For the logos, we don't like any explicitely violent or offensive image (porn, harrasment)
      • Boobs may be OK
    • If you think you'll need to check back just catch us on IRC

And what's the deal, what can I win?

We will rank the submited images internally and publish the 3 most satisfying ones for each category on our homepage.

Additionally there's a yet-secret prize that will be given away to the participants (although, some details might have been leaked already ..)

If you'd like to participate please make sure that you have read and agreed with our logo contest eligibility requirements.


4 Years of =DK=

BITCH ASS =DK= turned 4 years old!

=DK= was founded on the 24th of september 2012 by Ichigo and hamon. Since this time alot of things changed. After Four years and three clanmeetings, some communityprojects (OpenCoop)and a competitive Tournament DKSC(DarkkeepersSauerbratenChampionShip) the most of the mates from the first hours went inactive(cause private things or they stopped playing Cube2) Sad but alot of more players joined =DK=.

We want to say THANK YOU to all 34 Brothers&Sisters who formed the =DK= Squad!<3 <3 <3

Also we say thank you to all people who support us the whole time!

In tradition we managed every year some competitions and sometimes with prices e.g. flagruncontest or the efficctf-tournament last year.

This week alot of people asked us if we do some competition with prices again. Sadly we have to say that due

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