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A french predator on Noah's Ark

Older players know we had alot of animals in our clan clan like Frogs, (-fly) and of course a foal/horse. Now we have a new animal on our Noah's Ark!

We are happy to announce that we have since today a french fox aka. Ren4rd in our ranks. ((french) Renard= fox(english)).

Fox are cute and clever animals. They are survivalists and have the largest geographical area of distribution of all predators. Be warned about our new french predator!


Dark Keepers

Opening a "training school"

We have decided to open a so-called training-school for sauerbraten newcomers. It will cover the following things

  • Tips & tricks in our forum
  • We introduce people to IRC, SauerWorld, similliar resources
  • We'd like to open a "training clan", for randoms to improve in clanwars or mixes

In order to do this we need as much help from the community as we can get, so start today!

We welcome contributions to the forum! Do it! Spread the word!

It'd be nice to have resources for new people in Sauerbraten, so the clan scene grows again.

PS: FOR ALL THE LAZY DK's, Sunday the 28th february from 6 to 8 p.m is mumble-meeting!

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Our latest Members


Why should we write a long and formal text about new members if it is possible to state everything and a few sentences?

 To be honest - I don't know!

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Finally - we happy to announce that the DarkKeepers are also active in the Canadian rapscene now!

Aubrey Drake Graham is a Canadian (his roots go down to the deepest norwegian forest)

rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer, actor, and Entrepreneur (but most of all he prefers to play sauer day for day)

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Since today we have a new subculture in the Squad called The Mods.

The Mods have significant elements like fashion, music (ska,  R&B, soul) and motor-scooters.


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We can happily announce that the Dark Keepers are now involved in the German rapscene with their further new member. Actually he is working on his 5th albumrelease which will be released in a month. Be prepared!

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