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since 2012

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4 Years of =DK=

BITCH ASS =DK= turned 4 years old!

=DK= was founded on the 24th of september 2012 by Ichigo and hamon. Since this time alot of things changed. After Four years and three clanmeetings, some communityprojects (OpenCoop)and a competitive Tournament DKSC(DarkkeepersSauerbratenChampionShip) the most of the mates from the first hours went inactive(cause private things or they stopped playing Cube2) Sad but alot of more players joined =DK=.

We want to say THANK YOU to all 34 Brothers&Sisters who formed the =DK= Squad!<3 <3 <3

Also we say thank you to all people who support us the whole time!

In tradition we managed every year some competitions and sometimes with prices e.g. flagruncontest or the efficctf-tournament last year.

This week alot of people asked us if we do some competition with prices again. Sadly we have to say that due

An orc desert the dark


Orcs normaly  only work for the evil side. They are dumb but very strong.

But one smart Orc decided to desert the dark side and joined the allies of the bright side to fight together against the evil enemies.

We are happy to announce our new orc Wülorc.

Have fun while fighting together against the evil people.


Dark Keepers


da Keepers bringing a new paper in the house

Today we'd like to announce that we're abroad with Telegram, the most popular open-source alternative to WhatsApp.

Our internal squad has used chat groups for the past year and it always worked well for organizing mix and clanwars, furthermore giving delightful and funny off-topic stuff.

What does that mean?

  • For DarkKeepers people we'd like them to join the clan group, just hit up @hamon
  • For Cube2 people we have opened a public sauerbraten chat, whom you can join via this link

Wait what? Don't I need my phone number for that?

Nope, in contrast to messengers such as WhatsApp, Telegram has a very strong Privacy Policy, see the FAQ for further information

Who is it suited for?

We'd propose this group for regular players looking for casual or competitive games. Apart from that anyone is welcome to share #cube2 related content. Just a hint, so you ain't annoyed by people seeking for games!

Chat rules?

This chat applies the standards for communication, but for completion I list what will be moderated by us

  • Insultive speech
  • Be tolerant, not a dickhead
  • Anything that can and will lead to a flame war
  • A?ything related to cheating, hacking (...)
  • Spam or advertising

Just be nice and ask for a game, then play!

We'd appreciate to see many old and new faces in that group, getting a vague more active mix and clanwar scene running!

PS: hamon and Fohlen will watch over the group, but moderator list is flexible ;)

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Our latest Members


Why should we write a long and formal text about new members if it is possible to state everything and a few sentences?

 To be honest - I don't know!

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Finally - we happy to announce that the DarkKeepers are also active in the Canadian rapscene now!

Aubrey Drake Graham is a Canadian (his roots go down to the deepest norwegian forest)

rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer, actor, and Entrepreneur (but most of all he prefers to play sauer day for day)

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Since today we have a new subculture in the Squad called The Mods.

The Mods have significant elements like fashion, music (ska,  R&B, soul) and motor-scooters.


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We can happily announce that the Dark Keepers are now involved in the German rapscene with their further new member. Actually he is working on his 5th albumrelease which will be released in a month. Be prepared!

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