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Our turk is gone

We had good times fragging together wish our turkish friend -L4ynd- good luck in his new clan : {GSTF}.

Cya mate!

Diego is leaving

We're sad to say that our beloved member Diego (known as neXt0o) is leaving the clan.

We had good times fragging together, and he decided to move at his own for some reasons.

We wish him good luck in a new clan (or playing alone), and alot of fun in other communitys :)!

I seem to be popular

Last time i went to PSL 3 ...

What i've seen let me shit brix! :D

My name seems to be popular :3 (at this point i didnt knewed why ...)

I just ignored it and changed to Jauntys, this didnt went good long:D

My Name took control of the server within seconds o.o :D

I nearly recognized it was a Nooblounge & vaQ' troll action, but i like it :D!

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