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I seem to be popular

Last time i went to PSL 3 ...

What i've seen let me shit brix! :D

My name seems to be popular :3 (at this point i didnt knewed why ...)

I just ignored it and changed to Jauntys, this didnt went good long:D

My Name took control of the server within seconds o.o :D

I nearly recognized it was a Nooblounge & vaQ' troll action, but i like it :D!

Admingui for remod-server

We have written a little Gui that contains the most important functions you have on a remod server.

You can download the .cfg here:

You also need to copy this line exec dk_adminpanel.cfg into your autoexec.cfg .

The gui is binded on B by default, though you can easily change it in the .cfg .

Also we provide Fohlen's Effic binds (based on |RB| script) here:

They provide the following features:

  • Change rocketlauncher / rifle on "q"
  • Change chaingun / shotgun "f"
  • Fire nades (fastshoot) with "f"
  • Drop flag with "c"
  • Change thirdperson mode with "g"
  • Suizide with "t" (you should change your key for message's, e.g to enter)

Simply copy the pastebin to your autoexec.cfg to use them.

We hope you like our work.

New Clan Management Software

The new component Squad Management is now proudly used for managing the clan's wars and members. It was installed one week before, and now the beta period has successfully been finished.

If your clan is interested in using the component too, please visit the download page.

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