suit's application [CLOSED]

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guys i don't know where to start...
why i left bob:
ok for those who dont understand german: i specced a cw -w00p vs bob-, some vaq was sub. when w00p decided about the next map, i wanted in but nobody cared. some w00p members even asked to put the vaq out for the fucking clanmember, noone cared. talking to cr4sh aka snitch after that he didnt say anything like this wont happen in the future, or any reason for it. we fighted and i left bob
(another point is that aga took control over two clans now, he banned me from !s channel and i dont even have the power to do anything against this, all in all i can say that normal members simply count too few in BoB and after 1.5 years of being a normal member one can expect that he gets a bit more trust...)
why i want to join DK:
as far as i know only german speaking members, which makes it more (wieso schreib ich dann eig englisch xD, naja f
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Hi suit,

thank you for your application. We hope to see you soon on our mumble server ( 64738), so we are able to get to know you better ;)
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