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6 years 9 months ago - 6 years 9 months ago #1334 by Fohlen
Hey guy's, this topic has been on my mind for a quiet a while, and I'd like to share some of my past expierence to help you improving your effic skills.

Basic steps:
  • Try to master insta firstly. You should have a decent skill and aim in insta before you decide to improve in effic.
  • Work on your aim. When I first started out to train for effic, I've played duels against bots on /gamespeed 120, which will notably boost your reactivity
  • If you're new at effic, you should think about using effic binds . They will ease gameplay, although it makes you a lazy ass..

Special settings, that may help
There are a few popular settings in Sauerbraten, and the following one's have proven for me
  • You need to stabilize your fps for fluent gameplay. If your card is not very new, you should think about disabling all spare GFX settings. Furthermore you may disable v-sync (either in game or in your graphic card settings). /maxfps helps as well!
  • Try to use as much field of view as your display let's you (without hurting your eyes). You should experiment by slowly increasing /fov (at least 110)
  • One popular "cheat" is /texreduce (2, 3..) which will lower the text-quality
  • You should always set your playermodels to fullbright

What you should know about gameplay
Winning an effic game is not solely about having a decent aim, but it is moreover thinking.
You should always recall the following facts about gameplay
  • You can hit through walls using rockets and nades
  • If you attack your opponent from a higher position you have a wider view of the map.
  • Except in duels ("airrockets") there is no reason to shot rockets into the sky. You will fail. Trust me

Do nade jumps the right way
When you do nade jumps the right way, you will be able to jump 1.5x times as highly as normally.
  1. Firstly jump off the ground (looking at the bottom)
  2. Fire off the nade
  3. Try to "land" on the nade, which will kick you in the air
How to improve my machine gun?
This is a question I've been asked dozens of times. There is one simple rule to obey when using the machine gun
  1. Use the MG with patience. Fire off single shots (by clicking the mouse over and over again softly). Only continue to spread when your first try was successfull. This will reduce the risk to waste MG, and boost your accuracy.
Your aim will somewhat increase when you try to hit the chest of your enemy (right beyond his head). Anyhow this does not matter as much because MG has big range anyways.

Last but not least
Here's one of my favorite quotes

If a horse does something, it does it for a reason

This applies as well for sauerbraten. If you ever get stuck with the style you currently use, you get stuck with if for a reason.
This is why you should remember to switch your weapon, if you don't hit by the 3rd time!
Always think about the weapon and tactic you currently choose. If you cannot hit your opponent with rifle (eg: he hides a lot), you will probably need to elict him with rockets or nades, which forces him to react.

Additional resources
You can find additional resources on how to tweak your seetings here .
Please also consider to read the docs on weapon damage and reload times !
Hope it helps you :) .. feel free to add anything I've missed!!!
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