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ASTRO-F satelite landed

Hello ladies and gentlemen, we are happy to announce a satellite developed by Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, in cooperation with institutes of Europe and Korea, landed right between the Darkkeepers Community and the Corona virus.The Akari (ASTRO-F) is an in infrared astronomy satellite.

It was launched on 21 February 2006, at 21:28 UTC. Finally it arrived back at earth in 11 April 2020 16:00 UTC. Its primary mission was to survey the entire sky in near-, mid- and far-infrared, through its 68.5 cm (27.0 in) aperture telescope. Since the telescope got destroyed the satellite started an automatically research on planet earth.

Now it's official - =DK=scope was the best decision. Welcome =DK=Akari ! ! !

You made it into our ranks and we would be really pleased to enjoy a lot of games together with you!

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