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The Dark Keepers now active in the german rap scene

We can happily announce that the Dark Keepers are now involved in the German rapscene with their further new member. Actually he is working on his 5th albumrelease which will be released in a month. Be prepared!

He takes part in alot of rapcompetitions and Tournaments e.g. VBT(Video BattleTournament), VCB(Video Crew Battle), at the famous Battlerap-Contest JBB (JuliensBlogBattle)and the JBC (JuliensBlogContest) and at least at the MC (MusicCypher). He always finished the tournaments with a very good seeding and he also was a part of Rap-Festivals e.g. Splash 2013.

We think we don‘t need to talk more about his achievements. Make your own opinion with this video of the King Final against Spongebozz in the Battlerap-Contest JBB.

Welcome 4-Tune!

 Also we recommend another good track with an epic hook. You can find it here.

GG Dark Keepers


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