Fighting the dark

since 2012

Watch Out, We're Mad!

You know them and you love them. Over 20 years they produced togethermore than 20 action movies.

Right ! We are talking about the great duo Bud Spencer and Terence Hill.

You know them in movies like “I am Trinity, “Double Trouble”, “Ace High”and “watch Out, We’re Mad!”. Both are known for their impact strengh. Together they kick badass people back under their stones.

As you may know one of this legendary Brothers Bud Spencer died lately .R.I.P.

Luckily we can say that he joined the heaven to join our friendly Dark Keepers Team to fight against the dark (while Terence joined the dark side of Rising Cubers ).

Give a warm welcome to the new legendary Bro in our family BudSpencer and his impact strengh!.

Happy repartee at our Side Bro!


The Dark Keepers

Our latest Members


Since today we have a new crazy racing pig in our squad - "Rennschwein Rudi Rüssel"!

These pigs are supposed to be one of the luckiest and skilled flagrunners in sauer.

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Since today we have a new subculture in the Squad called The Mods.

The Mods have significant elements like fashion, music (ska,  R&B, soul) and motor-scooters.


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1989 was an special year in the history of Germany.

Rumors are telling that David Hasselhof changed with his hymn „Looking for Freedoom“ the German history and sang down the wall in 1989.


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We can happily announce that the Dark Keepers are now involved in the German rapscene with their further new member. Actually he is working on his 5th albumrelease which will be released in a month. Be prepared!

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