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since 2012

Supergirl - The Legend began

Super_Girl - the italian superheroin.

Kara Zor-El a.k.a. Supergirl was sent to sauerbraten from Krypton. She is meant to protect her new family "The Dark Keepers" he adopted her earlier.

[...] How can she manage it? [...] Supergirl's strength is augmented by yellow solar radiation interacting with her golden rifle as well as her flagcarrier skills.

Did you just said "A KARI"? - well, to be honest together with her new teammates she will manage top rise up as a legend of sauerbraten!!!

Welcome Supergirl

King Regards

The Dark Keepers

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Someone told me about an indian player called addixn and i thought myself who the fuck is addixn. So i tried to find something about him. I asked google

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Avior Airlines is an airline based in Barcelona, Anzoátegui, Venezuela. It was founded in 1994 and has a fleet size of 24. Obviously there is one airplane that landed in the middle of Germany - hamon will not proof that :D

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Hello ladies and gentlemen, we are happy to announce a satellite developed by Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, in cooperation with institutes of Europe and Korea, landed right between the Darkkeepers Community and the Corona virus.The Akari (ASTRO-F) is an in infrared astronomy satellite.

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Why should we write a long and formal text about new members if it is possible to state everything and a few sentences?

 To be honest - I don't know!

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