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The report of our 4th Clanmeeting

The Dark Keepers just had their 4th clan meeting and proudly present their report.
We hope you enjoy reading. :)

And here is the long awaited NEWS paper

As some of you maybe know we had this year our 4th Clanmeeting in the nearly 5 years history of the Darkkeepers. First of all we want to apologize for that late post, but first we did a to-do list and a list of plans and projects for the future :-) .

Luckily hamon offers his home the third time – Big thanks to hamon!

Also a friendly huge to all mates who took the long way to come to the clanmeeting.

We planned alot of things but at the end we chilled the whole weekend with only a few adventures due the shit rainy weather the whole weekend. Nevertheless we had alot of fun together especially the three big fails were funny. Besides drinking alcohol and watching bad movies or playing sauer, smoking weed and chill with hamon‘s flatmates, visit a shishabar, exploring some documenta - projects and visiting some great pubs and cocktailbars.

Now you can read our „Moments of Glory(MoG) or maybe „Hall of Shame“? You can decide!

Fail#1: First morning after the clan arrival Wülorc woke up and wanted to go to hamon‘s balkony, he stepped over Stockbrot and run straight into the window of the door. All people watching him and burst out laughing while Wülorc said that he thought the door to be open

 Fail#2 and 3 in a row.

We drove with the car into the city centrum cause we wanted to see the documenta14 a bit and buy some things. There was a direct way from the mainroad to an underground parking with a special line on the street. So we drove into the undergroundparking and stopped before the barrier. The ticketmachine said „Insert the card“. So F1nal tried to insert his creditcard but the machine didn‘t accept it. He ask us for a bank card or a credit card but noone had one. We didn‘t know what to do and waited three more minutes to collect ideas sadly in this time a row of around about six cars wars behind us. So there was no escape through driving back. Hamon had an idea his most glorius moment and said:„ Let‘s ask the people in the car behind us.“ So F1nal drove a few centimetres back,so that Stockbrot can leave the car. At the same moment while Stockbrot was about to leave the car hamon‘s brain the genius idea and said:„ press the button“.

No sooner said than done! We got a ticket and the barrier opened. After 5 minutes of blocking the way into the underground parking with a long line of cars behind till the mainstreet, we drove with laughing tears in our eyes into the underground parking.

Fail#3 happens only 15 metres later. The cars front window messed up and we didn‘t saw the arrow on the street, so we drove straight into the wrong direction .

All people in the underground parking watched us with a face which shows what they think about us: „where did they learn to drive“ and „retards“and we try to hide our faces while laughing. After we recognize that we was on the wrong line while cars from the opposite side. We drove with extra slow speed and luckily nothing happend and while four cars were crossing our way.


At least we dont wanna hide our sexy bodies anymore from you so we decided to post our grouphoto of this clanmeeting.

Click here ← and start wanking!

Hf and enjoy!

Greets Dark Keepers

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