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EZ Game

Torontotokyo a known Team Spirit midlaner Dota player decided to go back to his roots of gaming.

In a short interview he answered some awkward questions.


[You infamously typed "ez game" in all chat during The International 10 while leading 1-0 in the Lower Bracket Round 3 against OG. Why did you do that?]

Well, ez game.

[Are you arrogant?]

Well, I thought myself a genius before The International and at school. But thinking that I’m better than everybody else… Well, I understand that I’m good at what I’m doing but I don’t want to offend anybody so I kind of keep it low-key… Basically, I'm not arrogant.

[Do you masturbate?]

Everyone masturbates. [How often?] It depends. Once a day or in two days. [Can you name the weirdest hentai you jerked off to?] They weren’t weird. They’re the same to me, give or take. Tentacles weren't there. Ordinary hentai like porn


[Why are you still playing Cube2:Sauerbraten instead of chilling and doing other things?]

Well, I have nothing else to do, and I do what I like. There’s no other occupation that I’d quit everything for.
But maybe I’ll like traveling and I’ll do that more often. But I like competing right now. I’ve liked competing all my life and that’s why I keep doing that

[According to statistics, Asians have the smallest dick. Do you agree with this fact?]

Well, if the statistics say so, then maybe it’s true but mine is fine.

[According to new rumours, you have joined the Dark Keepers clan. Is that true?]

Well, ez game.

Double Digit: 10th Anniversary

When we found this clan back in 2012 nobody exspected to celebrate 10 years later the double digit anniversary.

But now the unexpected thing happened!

Happy Birthday =DK= to 10 years of active gaming in Sauerbraten.

We wanna say thank you to all of our 50+ members during the time who made this clan to up what we are now. Also thank you to all people and friends who support us in this time.

For 10 more active  years of =DK=!

Fighting the dark(-ness) since 2012!



emma* - she was just send from heaven to the dark hell of some weird DrugKeepers.

Her name is derived from the Germanic word ermen meaning "whole" or "universal".

She really knows exactly how to use guns - doesn't matter which kind of.

How is she supposed to help the crazy people on the margin of society?

Let me explain: "With her special skills and talents, she is able to actively support the drug kitchen.."

Welcome emma* !!!

Kind Regards

The Dark Keepers

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